Dr. Alexandra Coon

My name is Dr. Alexandra Coon, but my friends call me Zandy. I was born in Indiana, but spent my formative years in Mentor, Ohio (near Cleveland). I attended THE Ohio State University (don’t hold it against me, Purdue and ND fans!) for my bachelor’s and veterinary degrees. I graduated from vet school in 2000, married fellow OSU veterinarian Ron in September of 2000, and started working at Maplecrest in April of 2001. I’ve been here since and LOVE IT!

I enjoy coming to work and interacting with all of the clients and their furry loved ones. The best part of my job is teaching people how to take better care of their pets and helping the sick ones get back on their feet. The gratitude from owners is what makes my day. I also love working with our staff–they know me so well that a lot of times they can anticipate what I need before I do! They make my day go faster and keep me on my toes when things get busy.

When I’m not working hard taking care of your pets, you can usually find me out in our large vegetable garden that we tend to in the summer (although between you and me, I think we grow more weeds than vegetables). I’m an avid reader of many genres and will occasionally work on a cross-stitch project if my hands aren’t too dirty from gardening. I also enjoy baking with my daughter, Acadia, and many staff members will attest to our yummy creations.

As for my furry friends, I currently have four guinea pigs (Enzo, Shadow, Mist, and Mojo), a rat named Star, and three fish (Spike and Bolt live at home, and Bob lives at the clinic as a desk buddy).

Dr. Ruenette Boyette

I moved around a lot as a child, but mostly grew up in western North Carolina. I always wanted to be a doctor, but decided on veterinary medicine when I was 7. I attended North Carolina State University for undergrad, and Oklahoma State University (GO POKES!!!) for veterinary school.

I am married with one child who just started elementary school. She is obsessed with cats, and I joke that I am raising a cat lady. My husband isn’t as obsessed with animals as his wife and daughter, but is very supportive (i.e. patient) with his family’s quirks. lol.

I love competitive dog sports, and have competed in obedience, agility, herding, flyball, tracking, and conformation with my Australian Cattle Dogs. I am owned by 1 cat named Gozer (yes, from Ghostbusters), 1 Australian Cattle Dog named Prim, and last but not least a Belgian Malinois named Khan.